October 13, 2017 -Team Building Event – Milk Tea, Puzzles and more…

Happy Lemon’s Milk Tea + Snacks + Guessing Games + Puzzles = A successful October team building event!

We started out with “get to know your coworkers” questionnaire.  Some of the questions were: “What’s the meaning of your name?”, “Who has more than 3 siblings in this office?”, “Who owns a pet?”, “What project is each team working on?”..etc.  The room was filled with laughter when Cheryl and Ivy announced the results.  These answers were pretty silly!

The second game we played required team work!  We were split up into 6 different teams and each team was given 10 pieces of puzzles to start with.  In order to retrieve more puzzles from Cheryl and Ivy, we had to use the photos they provided.  The goal was to find these mysterious items in our office, take pictures of them and show to Cheryl or Ivy in order to receive more puzzle pieces.  I believe with all the running around we all got a really good work out in the afternoon.

Congratulations to our winners: Natt, Haixia, Jie, Qing, Levi, TJ, Melody, Jim and Bohan!