December holiday party!

What is the formula for a good company party?

Booze, Booze, Booze! Hurricane and Sangria.  Red wine is also a must so we can stay classy, Palo Alto!


Good companions.

Pic 1 strategy

Delicious creole cuisine.

good food

Did I mention unlimited food and drinks?  Look at the smiles!

Thank you all for finishing 2015 strong! Let’s plan for an amazing, productive 2016!!!


November’s Team Building Event-Hunger Games in Thanksgiving


The most exciting and difficult Thanksgiving feast happened in Suning’s November’s team building event, host by business operation team. Imagine a peaceful Thanksgiving feast in the company? Oh, you are too naive! It’s not that simple.

Business Operation team is so smart that they made it a fierce competition for every team in the company to win the food. Only those who answered the tricky questions correctly could get the delicious dishes.

Tasty food with good smell was placed on the table. Everyone was hungry and staring at the food. Now it’s time to use your brain and put up your hands immediately to answer those tricky but interesting questions!




Hunger games begin!

The first round is about multiple-choice questions related to Thanksgiving. For example, what food were not served at the first Thanksgiving? Everyone was trying their best to get attention by the host.

The team that answered correctly was really excited, because they could get a big dish!


The second round included questions about the company. For example, how many parking spaces does our company have? Oh, there is a new rule! Winer of the first round will have the privilege to choose a team to answer this question including themselves.  Competition became fiercer!


The third round is called “would rather” questions. Each team randomly picked one member in the company and answer the “would rather” question about that person. For example,  win a trip to Hawaii or a free laptop?


In the end, some teams got several dishes, including the most popular dish-lobster pasta, but some teams just got a salad. Fortunately, all employees in Suning are so kind that all team agreed to share their dishes with everyone! What a perfect Thanksgiving!

Written by,

Business Operation Team

Suning Sponsored Meet Up – Fight Back! Big Data and Analytics. Security and Best Practices

October 15th, 2015,  the experts in a moderated panel discussed on Big Data and Analytics.  The event started with an opening remark about security and best practices for storage and accessibility on typical and massive databases.  It continued with presentations and Q&A sessions.

IMG_3859 IMG_3667 IMG_3665IMG_3674


Watson Wat
Mr. Wat is Director of Strategy at Suning Commerce R&D Center USA, Inc., where he uses disruptive technologies and innovative business models to define and shape Suning’s vision and help Suning, currently a top retailer and 3rd ranked B2C eCommerce leader in China.  Prior, Watson was VP of Technology at Oracle.


Dr. Ming Jiang
Dr. Jiang obtained his Ph.D in Mathematics at North Carolina State University in 2013 and is currently a Data Scientist at Suning Commerce R&D Center USA, Inc. Prior to that, he was a Sr Credit Risk Analyst at First Tennessee bank. Dr Jiang has extensive experience in credit risk modeling and financial fraud detection. He is interested in big data security with the focus on payment fraud detection solutions.


Istvan Szukacs
Mr. Szukacs is the Principle Architect at Nvent, a database platform that can handle billions of messages daily.  Istvan is passionate about building data pipelines and analytical systems that are massive in scale.  Mr. Szukacs has a Energy Engineering degree from Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


Dave Anselmi
Mr. Anselmi is the Director of Product Management at Clustrix in San Francisco CA.  Dave has worked at Oracle and has taught database technologies at UC Berkeley Extension.


Thank all the attendees (people from Google, Walmart lab, Clustrix, and etc.) for coming. This meetup was a success! The exchange and share of ideas were sparkling here and there, now and then in the short two-hour meeting. People get to know each other and the main trends of big data problems and practices in e-commerce in and between China and US.  People were really excited by the new challenges and progresses after we applied big data technology in massive china Online-To-Offline (O2O) setting.

2015 Suning Summer Carnival Festival, Saturday, September 26th

Many of you may not know, but our China HQ throws a full blown party with a fancy stage, pop singers and amazing prizes (2 Tesla model S, OMG!) during the end of the summer every year to reward employees.   As the first U.S. based business entity, we must fulfill our destiny by hosting the first ever summer celebration.  Employees, friends and families are welcome to join the fun carnival festivity!

The event was hosted at the Sunnyvale Baylands park.  The weather was just perfect.  Just a spoonful of sunshine helps the booze go down, booze go down, oh booze go down…

Guests were greeted by the friendly HR peeps at the welcome booth and showered with company swags.  Little munchkins’ eyes sparkled when they saw the bounce house.  Parents were even more excited because they knew their kiddos would get a good night sleep:).

welcome booth 1 swag    bounce

What makes a good carnival party you may ask?

BBQ-all you can eat brisket,  pork ribs, BBQ smoked chicken, potato salad, mac n’ cheese, garlic bread …The list goes on and on.

So many choices.  What to choose?  This fine gentleman wondered….

bbq 2

Fresh sliced watermelon was a nice touch on a hot day.  This father and son duo approve!

booze     paul baby

More full bellies here.  Good music from the DJ helped too.


All you can drink booze.  Warning:  Do not learn from this one ↓. Don’t drink and drive please.

alcohol    ming drink

Games, games and more games.

Giant Jenga, Pitch-Out, Corn Hole, Bingo and much more.  Bingo winners took home 8 Tiles. How cool is that!

jengapitch outcorn holebingo

Face painting station was quite a popular spot too.  Allow me to introduce you-body paint art, the newest fall trend.  Looking good, ladies!


I believe we also got a “Batman Wanna Be” here.  Mmmmmm….Gotham has hope??


To add the cherry on top, we also gave away raffle prizes.  Check out the goodies.  Not too shabby.


Our lovely Jing was the winner of the grand prize-Apple watch.  Here is she doing a happy dance with her backup dancer.

Jing dance

What a great party!  What a great weekend to host the event!  In addition to celebrate the Chinese Mooncake Festival, we took the opportunity to raise the awareness for the International Rabbit Day.  Do you know that bunnies are the 3rd most popular pet in the U.S?  Don’t you want to take one home to spoil and snuggle now?

Happy Chinese Mooncake Festival & International Rabbit Day from Charlie, Charcoal, Cookie, Mochi, Whitney, and Butter.

charlie blog 2charocalcookiemochibutter

Until Next Year…

With Love~

Suning HR & the Suning Bunny Gang

August‘s Team Building Event – Sports tournament!!

Strategy Team host the August’s team building event with passion and effort. The whole company was divided into 4 large groups and the goal was to win the sports tournament.

First round competition: Car racing competition!!!

Car Racing 1

Second round competition:Wii Tennis Match!!

Tennis 1 

Finally, the winning team got the racing cars!!!!

win team

Congrats the team for winning the sports tournament! Of course, we cannot end the month without celebrating the August birthdays. Happy birthday to Wing and Ya!!


Last but not least, we said goodbye to our HQ colleagues: Yangrong, Taotao, Yu, Mengran.


Thank you everyone for participating!! Looking forward to another team building event.

Strategy Team

July‘s Team Building Event – Welcome to the Carnival!

Connected finance team was very lucky to host July’s team building event. We prepared the event with passion and lots of effort. The whole event was under the setting of the carnival. We prepared 7 games in total, which needed team collaboration and effort to accomplish. The rule was to win the game and earn “diamonds” in 90 minutes, which started at 3:30 pm. Of course, the team with the most diamonds won.

At the very beginning, all participants were separated into 3 different teams. After that, we presented the game rule and game instructions, also distributed the game maps. Finally, the carnival was officially “open” to all.  Referees quickly went to the designated game spot waiting for the players.

Game 1: Save the ducks.


Team blue saved the ducks successfully!

Game 2:Guess the word.

Guess the word

This game was very popular during the carnival. Look, many of our friends were waiting outside.

Game 3: Nerf Gun shooting.

Nerf Gun Shooting

Game 4: Baton Pass

Baton Pass

Team green was trying hard to win the Baton Pass, it was very hard!

Game 5: Transfer the balls

Transfer the balls

Team Red showing the spirit of team work here!

Game 6: Group Skipping

Group skipping

Team blue was ready to jump!

Game 7: Shuttlecock kicking

Shuttlecock Kicking

Almost there!

At last, Team RED earned the most diamonds and won the game! Congratulations to them!

Of course, the carnival ended with birthday celebrations to Ming, Jennifer, Kevin, Haixia, Alisha and Ai. And tons of food and drinks were there for everyone to enjoy as well.

Thank you everyone for showing your passion and team spirit during the whole CARNIVAL.

Connected Finance Team

June Team Building Event – Oscar Winning Charade Performances

The highly anticipated team building event for the wonderful month of June is here. The cloud team was in charge, and if you know the cloud team, you know never to let them plan anything. Their plans are usually so extravagant, and over budget, they are always asked to scale back.

Earlier in the day, the cloud team had to split up duties in order to purchase food/snacks/cakes to bribe employees to stay for the awesome event. Half of the cloud team went to downtown Palo Alto to purchase delicious cakes from Paris Baguette (for our monthly birthday celebration). Being that the month of June had only 2 birthdays, the interesting thing was that both members were from the Cloud Team. Due to this fact, they decided to celebrate with the best cakes they could find.  The other half of the team went to the famed Costco. Before purchasing snacks, they decided to feed their bellies with Costco’s delicious Polish Sausage, and free aisle samplers. After the team was happy, they went on to purchase fruits, drinks, and other yummy treats.

Finally, the clock reached 4pm.  The event was about to start. After hearing many complaints about employees being afraid of the summer heat, the cloud team decided to hold the first annual Suning R&D relay race, at the local track, in 90 degree weather. The team wanted everyone to get accustomed to the summer heat. Just kidding! The look on everyone’s face was priceless when the team jokingly mentioned that.

After the team noticed people trying to sneak out and go home, the team had to stop everyone in their tracks.  The snacks and treats the team purchased earlier helped tremendously. The team went on to reveal the real event. The competition/event that the team decided on was based on the game Charades. At first, everyone was a bit confused and hesitant because they had to reveal their acting game. After the rules were presented and then demonstrated by one of the team members, the cloud team broke the employees into 5 different teams.

As the teams tried to gather points by using their best acting and hollywood skills, the cloud teams world renowned photographer captured some the action as presented below:

Team Event




Time was up. After 30 minutes of intense acting, the cloud team had to come up with 2 finalists for the final round. The last round was made more interesting because the cloud team asked all the participants to come up with their own words and phrases. Previously, the 1st round consisted of words/phrases that were made up by the Cloud team.

After tallying all the points, only 2 remained.



The were now ready for the final battle. After going back and forth, with the crowd cheering, we had our winners.


Congrats to the winner. They scored gift certificates to Amazon for large sums of money (30 dollars).  With this comes the conclusion of another great team event. Everyone had a great time, and the team is ready for next months event. Adios friends!

May’s Team Building Event-Scavenger’s Hunt in Palo Alto!

The long awaited team building event for the month of May has finally arrived! The Merchandising team has gathered almost everyone in the company to participate in the Scavenger’s Hunt puzzle clue game throughout California Avenue. During the span of two hours, each individual team has to race with other teams in aim of solving as many puzzle clues as possible.  ImageThere was a total of 20 questions, from finding out how to read the New York subway’s map in the Subway store to creating a short advertisement for AT&T. The Scavenger’s Hunt event was well planned by the Merchandising Department to make everyone think, test their creativity, but most importantly, is to let everyone to have some fun off work. Creativity was also one of the grading scales that we used for assigning points, for instance, each team gets $20 to spend in Mollie Stone to buy whatever they’d like for the entire company to share. So little time, so much to do!


Of course when there is a party, FOOD can’t be missed! Two members from the Merchandising team went grocery shopping at Costco, and brought back quite a wholesome of yummy food to fill in empty stomachs. Watermelon, fresh fruits, chips and guacamole, croissant-sandwich, veggie-dips, turkey wrap, apple juice, and water bottles to satiate everyone over the hot day. What’s more to conclude a happy Friday? We also promote everyone’s health here in, therefor, a great deal for vitamins was offered at $2 per bottle for sale during that day. An overall of over 40 bottles of vitamins and healthy supplements were sold.  ImageGreat rewards were compensated for the hard-earners. For the winning team, each person got awarded of $30 Amazon gift card! Then the runner-up team was accredited with $20 Target gift card. Here are the photos of our two lovely winning teams:  ImageImageBirthday is a must-celebrate event here in Suning so all employees feel like he or she is a part of a big family. Therefore, a half-sheet coffee flavored cake was bought at Satori Bakery to celebrate Tracy’s birthday for the month. We will stop here to conclude a wonderful team building event day here in, hope everyone had fun and enjoyed our Scavenger’s hunt event, and definitely looking forward for June’s team event which is coming right around the corner! Image

March Team Building Event-Top Chef Challenge

March Team Building Event-Top Chef Challenge

General Admin team here.  We had the opportunity to host the first team building exercise for the year.  To start the first event with a bang, we decided to host a cooking challenge.  We divided employees into 7 super hero teams and by the end of the day, we shall determine who is the best super hero.  Woo!

The 1st part of the challenge is called the “Quick Fire” challenge.  Each team has 45 minutes to create a dish.  Each dish will be judged by the presentation, taste and creativity.  Let’s review some highlights, shall we?

The calm before the storm.  The tension is getting high.  Team building exercise or Hunger Game?


Our lovely Victims  judges here, ready to chow down the Thorrito from Team Thor.  The proper way to eat is to use bare hands we were told!  Wait a second?  Is that fear from Abel’s face?

DSC_0442 judge

Team Captain America tried to charm us with their smiles and a cute plate with little pandas.  Awwwwwww.


Jes from team Batman is giving the avocado a pep talk


Team Star Lord is taking this sushi making business very seriously. They prepared an element gun on the plate by the way.  Very creative!

DSC_0406-star lord

Team Iron Man prepared 3 beautiful plates.  Over achievers for sure!

DSC_0429-iron man

The 2nd part of the exercise was called the “Hell Kitchen” challenge.  Teams were assigned to some very random ingredients such as chips, pickles and candies.  In addition, each team had to assign a team mate to be the judge for the blinding tasting test.  At the end of the day, they were able to deliver some good and mostly eatable dishes.  Good job!

DSC_0466-game 2 dish

After 2 rounds of judging, It was a tie between Captain America and Iron Man.  After some heartwarming speeches, (Someone from the Captain America team needs the gift card price for a date) the audience decided that Captain America is the winning team.  I suppose we are a bunch of romantics:).

No party can end without a birthday celebration.  Happy birthday to Josh and all the March birthday peeps!


Thank you everyone for being such good sports.  Until next time.

General admin team

Happy Birthday, BabyBetter!!

The long-awaited moment is finally here!  Our BabyBetter app is ready to enter alpha testing after 18 weeks of development.  Hooray to our amazingly hard-working engineers, our wonderfully meticulous analysts and our patiently creative designers.

BabyBetter will help busy parents quickly and confidently find quality baby products across reputable retailers.

Check it out at the apple store!