Month: August 2015

July‘s Team Building Event – Welcome to the Carnival!

Connected finance team was very lucky to host July’s team building event. We prepared the event with passion and lots of effort. The whole event was under the setting of the carnival. We prepared 7 games in total, which needed team collaboration and effort to accomplish. The rule was to win the game and earn “diamonds” in 90 minutes, which started at 3:30 pm. Of course, the team with the most diamonds won.

At the very beginning, all participants were separated into 3 different teams. After that, we presented the game rule and game instructions, also distributed the game maps. Finally, the carnival was officially “open” to all.  Referees quickly went to the designated game spot waiting for the players.

Game 1: Save the ducks.


Team blue saved the ducks successfully!

Game 2:Guess the word.

Guess the word

This game was very popular during the carnival. Look, many of our friends were waiting outside.

Game 3: Nerf Gun shooting.

Nerf Gun Shooting

Game 4: Baton Pass

Baton Pass

Team green was trying hard to win the Baton Pass, it was very hard!

Game 5: Transfer the balls

Transfer the balls

Team Red showing the spirit of team work here!

Game 6: Group Skipping

Group skipping

Team blue was ready to jump!

Game 7: Shuttlecock kicking

Shuttlecock Kicking

Almost there!

At last, Team RED earned the most diamonds and won the game! Congratulations to them!

Of course, the carnival ended with birthday celebrations to Ming, Jennifer, Kevin, Haixia, Alisha and Ai. And tons of food and drinks were there for everyone to enjoy as well.

Thank you everyone for showing your passion and team spirit during the whole CARNIVAL.

Connected Finance Team