Month: June 2015

May’s Team Building Event-Scavenger’s Hunt in Palo Alto!

The long awaited team building event for the month of May has finally arrived! The Merchandising team has gathered almost everyone in the company to participate in the Scavenger’s Hunt puzzle clue game throughout California Avenue. During the span of two hours, each individual team has to race with other teams in aim of solving as many puzzle clues as possible.  ImageThere was a total of 20 questions, from finding out how to read the New York subway’s map in the Subway store to creating a short advertisement for AT&T. The Scavenger’s Hunt event was well planned by the Merchandising Department to make everyone think, test their creativity, but most importantly, is to let everyone to have some fun off work. Creativity was also one of the grading scales that we used for assigning points, for instance, each team gets $20 to spend in Mollie Stone to buy whatever they’d like for the entire company to share. So little time, so much to do!


Of course when there is a party, FOOD can’t be missed! Two members from the Merchandising team went grocery shopping at Costco, and brought back quite a wholesome of yummy food to fill in empty stomachs. Watermelon, fresh fruits, chips and guacamole, croissant-sandwich, veggie-dips, turkey wrap, apple juice, and water bottles to satiate everyone over the hot day. What’s more to conclude a happy Friday? We also promote everyone’s health here in, therefor, a great deal for vitamins was offered at $2 per bottle for sale during that day. An overall of over 40 bottles of vitamins and healthy supplements were sold.  ImageGreat rewards were compensated for the hard-earners. For the winning team, each person got awarded of $30 Amazon gift card! Then the runner-up team was accredited with $20 Target gift card. Here are the photos of our two lovely winning teams:  ImageImageBirthday is a must-celebrate event here in Suning so all employees feel like he or she is a part of a big family. Therefore, a half-sheet coffee flavored cake was bought at Satori Bakery to celebrate Tracy’s birthday for the month. We will stop here to conclude a wonderful team building event day here in, hope everyone had fun and enjoyed our Scavenger’s hunt event, and definitely looking forward for June’s team event which is coming right around the corner! Image