Month: April 2015

March Team Building Event-Top Chef Challenge

March Team Building Event-Top Chef Challenge

General Admin team here.  We had the opportunity to host the first team building exercise for the year.  To start the first event with a bang, we decided to host a cooking challenge.  We divided employees into 7 super hero teams and by the end of the day, we shall determine who is the best super hero.  Woo!

The 1st part of the challenge is called the “Quick Fire” challenge.  Each team has 45 minutes to create a dish.  Each dish will be judged by the presentation, taste and creativity.  Let’s review some highlights, shall we?

The calm before the storm.  The tension is getting high.  Team building exercise or Hunger Game?


Our lovely Victims  judges here, ready to chow down the Thorrito from Team Thor.  The proper way to eat is to use bare hands we were told!  Wait a second?  Is that fear from Abel’s face?

DSC_0442 judge

Team Captain America tried to charm us with their smiles and a cute plate with little pandas.  Awwwwwww.


Jes from team Batman is giving the avocado a pep talk


Team Star Lord is taking this sushi making business very seriously. They prepared an element gun on the plate by the way.  Very creative!

DSC_0406-star lord

Team Iron Man prepared 3 beautiful plates.  Over achievers for sure!

DSC_0429-iron man

The 2nd part of the exercise was called the “Hell Kitchen” challenge.  Teams were assigned to some very random ingredients such as chips, pickles and candies.  In addition, each team had to assign a team mate to be the judge for the blinding tasting test.  At the end of the day, they were able to deliver some good and mostly eatable dishes.  Good job!

DSC_0466-game 2 dish

After 2 rounds of judging, It was a tie between Captain America and Iron Man.  After some heartwarming speeches, (Someone from the Captain America team needs the gift card price for a date) the audience decided that Captain America is the winning team.  I suppose we are a bunch of romantics:).

No party can end without a birthday celebration.  Happy birthday to Josh and all the March birthday peeps!


Thank you everyone for being such good sports.  Until next time.

General admin team

Happy Birthday, BabyBetter!!

The long-awaited moment is finally here!  Our BabyBetter app is ready to enter alpha testing after 18 weeks of development.  Hooray to our amazingly hard-working engineers, our wonderfully meticulous analysts and our patiently creative designers.

BabyBetter will help busy parents quickly and confidently find quality baby products across reputable retailers.

Check it out at the apple store!