Chinese Retail Giant Suning Unveils Artificial Intelligence Strategy at CES

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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Virtual reality and artificial intelligence products took center stage at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the platform where the world’s trends in scientific and technological innovations are put on display, with companies from China, which accounted for one third of the leading exhibitors at the event, visibly demonstrating their newfound stature.

Suning, China’s largest O2O (online to offline) ecommerce platform, showcased a comprehensive lineup of intelligent products from its platform, including several smart home products and other novel solutions. Suning also hosted the “China Innovation North America Summit Forum”, giving 3C (computers, communications and consumer electronics) home appliance makers around the world a presentation on how to fast track their products into the Chinese market.

Chinese E-commerce Giant Suning Makes Debut Appearance at CES

Chinese E-commerce Giant Suning Makes Debut Appearance at CES

CES, the world’s largest and most influential consumer electronics tradeshow, attracts many of world’s top companies who attend annually. As a pioneer in China’s home appliance 3C retail sector, Suning, in collaboration with several of China’s home appliance manufacturers, hosts the “China Innovation” summit forum. The company also teams up with AVC and CHEARI to present awards to the many excellent companies and products that have contributed to the “China Innovation” transformation of the country’s economy, as the economic giant exits its earlier “Made in China” role and executes on the “Made in China 2025” initiative. Suning attends CES for the first time, with the aim of not only showcasing its “China Innovation” line of products and solutions, but also providing a model for other Chinese brands who are preparing to enter global markets. China Information Technology Industry Federation executive secretary-general Gao Sumei said that several Chinese manufacturers attend the tradeshow where they introduce innovative Chinese consumer electronic products to the world, giving retailers and consumers worldwide an opportunity to learn more about products created in China and paving the way for other excellent Chinese home appliance manufacturers to take their rightful place on the international stage.


Halloween Bash 2016


What are the key ingredients for an unforgettable Halloween party?- Food, Folks and Fun! Yes, we have them all!

img_0404We start the fun with “senses guessing games”. Each team member is blindfolded and taking turn to taste and feel the mysterious item in a brown bag.  They only get one chance to guess its name! What are in the brown bags? Aha~! Longan jello, cauliflower, pumpkin seeds, baby food etc. Durian and stinky tofu were removed from the list because….we won’t make it so easy!

Next, it’s about teamwork! Each team has to convert a gingerbread house to a haunted house with anything they can find in the office. Rules? Be a creative builder and a storyteller!

Tadaaa….we have a winning team! Each person gets a set of movie ticket! And the best costume goes to Xueting, $100 Amazon gift card!

halloween-2016-54      Halloween 2016 (49).jpg

Highlight of the food – Mummy bread, minions tangerine, peanut toes, big mouth apple, injured banana etc.

Special thanks to Cheryl, Vicki, Leon, Jie, Xueni, etc. for preparing, great teamwork!

Hope everyone had fun as much as I do! Happy Halloween cool beans 🙂


2016 Team building Event-Bocce Ball Happy Hour

What! What! What!  A little bird told me that we will have tasty food, refreshing drinks and I get to showcase my bocce ball skill during work hours?

Yes! Yes! Yes!  Your wish is our command.  Welcome to the 1st team building event for the year.  What a fun afternoon!  What exactly did we do on that day?  (Just like the movie Hangover, I had to look at the pictures to remember what happened)

As always, we stuffed our faces with good Italian food and drank like sailors.

food 3 bocce

We also played bocce ball with sort of cool poses.


How serious did we take bocce ball?  Measuring type dead serious!

bocce measuring tape.jpg

Lastly, we had a birthday celebration with delicious desserts to wrap up.

Bday celebration_bocce.jpg

Great time.  Great company.  Until next time.


Suning 1st Internet Entrepreneur Summit

Suning will host its very first Internet Entrepreneur Summit in Nanjing on April 6th. Suning US R&D center is very honored to host the event with Suning University and has invited Kevin Kelly, the renowned speaker to share his knowledge and thoughts about the opportunities and challenges we face in this connected world. We look forward to meeting Kevin Kelly in Nanjing.



December holiday party!

What is the formula for a good company party?

Booze, Booze, Booze! Hurricane and Sangria.  Red wine is also a must so we can stay classy, Palo Alto!


Good companions.

Pic 1 strategy

Delicious creole cuisine.

good food

Did I mention unlimited food and drinks?  Look at the smiles!

Thank you all for finishing 2015 strong! Let’s plan for an amazing, productive 2016!!!


November’s Team Building Event-Hunger Games in Thanksgiving


The most exciting and difficult Thanksgiving feast happened in Suning’s November’s team building event, host by business operation team. Imagine a peaceful Thanksgiving feast in the company? Oh, you are too naive! It’s not that simple.

Business Operation team is so smart that they made it a fierce competition for every team in the company to win the food. Only those who answered the tricky questions correctly could get the delicious dishes.

Tasty food with good smell was placed on the table. Everyone was hungry and staring at the food. Now it’s time to use your brain and put up your hands immediately to answer those tricky but interesting questions!




Hunger games begin!

The first round is about multiple-choice questions related to Thanksgiving. For example, what food were not served at the first Thanksgiving? Everyone was trying their best to get attention by the host.

The team that answered correctly was really excited, because they could get a big dish!


The second round included questions about the company. For example, how many parking spaces does our company have? Oh, there is a new rule! Winer of the first round will have the privilege to choose a team to answer this question including themselves.  Competition became fiercer!


The third round is called “would rather” questions. Each team randomly picked one member in the company and answer the “would rather” question about that person. For example,  win a trip to Hawaii or a free laptop?


In the end, some teams got several dishes, including the most popular dish-lobster pasta, but some teams just got a salad. Fortunately, all employees in Suning are so kind that all team agreed to share their dishes with everyone! What a perfect Thanksgiving!

Written by,

Business Operation Team